Update 0.2.2

- Added languages and localization support.

- Replaced tutorial message system with information database.

- Added new information database page about combustion generator and Ignium ore.

- Fixed crash bug when mining at upper end of world.

- Fixed issue where terrain could be built inside of buildings.

- Increased mining drill range by 25%.

- Fixed mining drill animation to spin correctly.

- Terrain blocks can now be drag-built.

- If you have a buildable object equipped and control-clicked a machine to use the recipe copy tool it will no longer build the machine, recipe copy tool takes priority.

- Changed drone miner ore highlight color to blue so that it doesn't match with the placeholder color of the drone miner.

- Increased info message size slightly.

- Increased light brightness.

- Added glowing VFX to lights when enabled.

- Loader now cannot be placed on invalid positions (above conveyor distribute, chests, ...) anymore.

- Fixed white bars on main menu for 21:9 and similar screen ratios.

- Added bulk demolish mode (demolish multiple objects at once).

- Reworked demolition highlighter so that it is visible when the player is inside (e.g. Research Lab).

- Alt+TAB no longer cycles hotkey bar if default hotkey TAB is used.

- Added auto-climb for terrain and building parts (optional, needs to be enabled in settings).

- Reworked and fixed crafting tooltip input color system (red = missing materials, yellow = can be crafted, green = available).


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Version 0.2.2 Oct 21, 2020


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Is this version stable? A lot of the stuff in this version would be great to have but i do not want to install anything experimental.

This version and 0.3 are now roughly the same in terms of stability now, 0.3 will probably move to stable next week. You should play 0.3 :)