Update 0.3 on Experimental


  • Underground Mining.
  • Freight Elevator.
  • Character Elevator.
  • Throwable explosives.
  • Reworked energy system (see dev blog #18).
  • Added custom lighting system.
  • Rebalanced some crafting recipes and introduced new ones.
  • Ported parts of the simulation to support multi-threading.
  • Performance improvements around conveyor item rendering.
  • Changed the way conveyor slopes auto-snap positions them.
  • Pipette Tool: Copy target building (equip the current target for building).
  • Reworked application startup procedure to show progress.
  • Autosaves can now be hidden at the load-game window.
  • Fixed minor jumping item issue on conveyor belt.
  • Framecap is now set to 60FPS by default, to prevent GPU strain.
  • Added options to invert first person mouse controls.
  • Added option for head bob when walking.
  • New sounds for walking/running on stone/metal.
  • Added and reworked info db pages.
  • Added automatic loader snapping (can be toggled in options).
  • Added distance-based terrain noise tinting.
  • Added geological scanner.
  • Added three different doors.
  • Added wall-mounted power pole.
  • Upgraded engine to newest LTS version.
  • Improved performance around renderchunks and fixed a critical time calculation issue related to chunk updating.
  • Improved performance by adding more impostors.
  • Fixed issue with multiplayer inventory size research.
  • Added color-tint system for trees and other world decor to have more variance in vegetation.
  • Added new debug console.
  • Improved particle system performance.
  • General minor bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • Added many new icons.
  • Return key can now be used to submit input fields.
  • New settings: 75 & 100 FPS Framecap.
  • Added filter loader.


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Version Apr 13, 2021


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